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Our services are geared to treat and manage problems related to the orbital and eyelids problems with the latest advances in technology.

This includes ecstatic and reconstructive surgery and medical therapy.

The surgical part includes among so many procedures the following:

*Blepharoplasty: (Cosmetic eyelid surgery)

*Ptosis: (drooping of the eyelid, congenital or acquired)

*Eyelid deformities: traumatic abnormalities, eyelid tumours, excision and reconstruction, etc.

We also deal with tearing and lacrimal problems with invasive and non invasive corrective procedures, non invasive correction includes irrigation probing, closed system enlargement with insertion of tubes and cylastic-stents.

Some of the surgical procedures include dacryocystorhinostomy (DCK) or (DCR) with JOHNS tubes.

As for orbital diseases and problems they are dividing into medical and surgical counter parts.

Among the medical problems we manage thyroid eye disease, orbital and lacrimal gland inflammation and infections problems (cellulites). The surgical management of orbital problems includes repave of fractures deformities penetrating injuries, excision of tumours and reconstructive surgery.

  • Cosmetic eyelid surgery to remove excess and redundant skin tightens the muscles and removal of the fat bags with permanent closure. It is done under local Anaesthesia wi...

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  • Ptosis is the management of the droopy of the eyelid with surgery of the muscle by surgical correction of the weak muscle. There are different types of ptosis each treate...

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  • Tearing problems are managed with closed system intubation of the normal lacrimal system or surgically with a bypass (DCR). It is an out patient surgery with no pain by m...

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  • Involves reconstruction and re-habitation of the socket especially in patients who have his eye.

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  • Include repair of fracture secondary to trauma, excision of tumor and decompression of the optic nerve conjunction to relief pressure. Most of the surgeries are done as o...

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  • Is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles and used to temporarily improve the look of both moderate to severe crow’s feet lines in adults as well as the ...

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  • Facial twitching can be treated with BOTOX. In fact, the original reason it was approved was to treat eyelid spasms. That’s why it was first used by occuloplastic surge...

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  • Is a surgical procedure that improves visual signs of aging in the lower part of the face , such as: – Sagging in the middle of the face and neck – Deep crea...

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